Loan Programs

New government Loan Programs

New government Loan Programs

In agricultural communities across the country, financial worries are growing as quickly as farmers unprofitable crops. They re suffering from the worst agricultural slump in more than a decade — and a major source of federal assistance has run dry. In Durant, Iowa, a rural town of less than 2, residents, the punishing combination of economic factors, including a plunge in…

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Special Loan Programs

Special Loan Programs

Whether you are a first time home buyer or looking to move to a new home, Nevada has a few programs to help you get into a house. You can see the details along with approved lenders for all three of these programs at the Nevada Housing Division and Nevada Rural Housing Authority but we will cover the highlights here. Mortgage Tax Credit (MTC) This program is for first time…

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Government Home Loan Assistance Programs

Government Home Loan Assistance Programs

Apply Online Apply Now Through Recommended or Apply Through Your Lender If they have access to the WebLGY system (most lenders do) Apply by Mail Complete VA Form 26-1880 and mail it to: VA Atlanta Regional Loan Center Attn: COE (262) P.O. Box 134 Decatur, GA 30031. VA home loan programs may be used to obtain homes, condominiums, or manufactured homes; refinance…

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Missouri Mortgage Company

Missouri Mortgage Company

Kevin Albrand, President “I’m always skeptical when approached by companies who want to be endorsed by the FOP. After checking with FOP leaders I respect, we entered into a relationship with Patrick and Fidelity Blueline Mortgage, Inc. I wish we would have done it years ago. I can personally attest to the first rate and personalized treatment received from Patrick and his staff…

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New Loan Programs

New Loan Programs

The New Horizon Loan Program is an alternative assistive technology finance program under the Assistive Technology Act of 2004, Section 4 (e)(2)(A) designed to assist individuals with disabilities to borrow money at reasonable interest rates for the purchase of assistive technologies. The program also offers a telework and self-employment loan which can assist with the funding…

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