Loans for Firefighters

Firefighter Home Loans

mortgages for fire fightersSpecialty mortgages under the Mortgages for Champions program reduces the red tape, that extra paperwork and so many of the out of pocket costs often associated with residential home mortgage financing programs especially for firemen.

Mortgages for firefighters & EMS personnel under the program will eliminate on every mortgage, the Loan Application Fee, the Loan Processing Fee, the Mortgage Underwriting Fee and the Mortgage Commitment Fee and associated Commitment Points which can save as much as 2.00% to 3.00%.

Fire Departments, Firefighters, Fire Inspectors, Fire Investigators, Fire Prevention Specialists, EMS personnel, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics may be eligible whether volunteer or paid.

All Firemen/ Departments can qualify regardless if the Firefighter is paid or volunteer. Fireman must be presently active.

  • First Time Home Buyer and the Second Time Home Buyer Program or a 203k Streamline to add a new kitchen or more bedrooms for your growing family.
  • Financing for a Single Family Home, a two to four family unit, a condominium or a manufactured home.
  • Financing for a Mixed Usage Commercial Property such as a Store with Apartments.
  • Home Mortgage Programs require very little or NO down payment, competitive low rates and allows more flexible credit criteria.
  • Rate and Term refinance up to a 97.75% Loan to Value of the Appraised Value of your Home.
  • Cash-out refinance mortgage (for any reason) up to a 85.00% Loan to Value.

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