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EXOS opened a fourth facility in Frisco, Texas, as part of a partnership with Fieldhouse USA. This partnership brings a phenomenal training facility to the north Texas region, which is home to a significant number of elite and professional athletes, as well as top high school and college sports programs.

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EXOS in Frisco, Texas, offers integrated services for athletes, teams, and individuals of all athletic levels and fitness goals.


The EXOS facility at Fieldhouse USA encompasses 10, 000 square feet. The space is specifically designed to deliver integrated world-class training to athletes. Its features include:

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  • 7, 000-square-foot training floor
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Energy system development (cardiovascular training) section
  • Nutrition bar and consultation area
  • Full-service physical therapy, massage, and soft tissue work
  • Acceleration track
  • Indoor turf training area
  • Education classrooms
  • Evaluation and testing area

In addition to elite and professional athletic training programs, EXOS hosts camps and clinics at Fieldhouse USA for the area’s youth athletes. These include college and high school prep programs, which utilize the same methodology used to train elite athletes to help young athletes develop proper training technique and improve performance while reducing the risk of injury. EXOS also hosts education and mentorship opportunities for coaches, trainers, and physical therapists.

About Fieldhouse USA

Drawing on a unique public-private partnership with the City of Frisco, the 145, 000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Fieldhouse USA is open and drawing excited families to it on a daily basis. Featuring 12 full-sized basketball courts convertible to 12 volleyball courts and a full-sized indoor soccer arena, Fieldhouse USA is the first of its kind in the region.

Fieldhouse USA is the cornerstone of the fabulous 62-acre SportsVillageUSA, the first-ever, large-scale, mixed-use development in the region to combine major sports, recreation, entertainment, shopping, and living space. SportsVillageUSA promises to be an exciting new addition to the Frisco/north Texas area.

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