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If you're a member of the 9-to-5 rat race who cherishes your weekends, you're likely familiar with the disturbing feeling that develops in your soul when Monday interrupts your leisurely bliss.

But the day after Sunday isn't always awful, especially when it comes to buying a house.


The real estate data firm crunched the numbers on more than 32 million single-family and condo home sales since 2000 to find out the best month, weekday and day of the year to buy a home. It turns out the widely held belief about getting a good deal on a home purchase during the colder months has some truth to it - RealtyTrac says the best month for homebuying is October. The best date? Oct. 8.

Pumpkin time and purchase time?

There have been nearly 3 million homes sold in October since 2000 and the average sales price was 2.6% lower than the average estimated full market value at the time of sale.

The analysis landed on Oct. 8 as the best day of the year to buy, due to the noteworthy deals closed that day. Homebuyers paid an average 10.8% below estimated market value at the time of sale. Rounding out the top 5 best days of the year are: Nov. 26, Dec. 31, Oct. 22 and Oct. 15.

"Sellers are motivated in October because many do not want their homes on the market for the Holiday Season, " Craig King, chief operating officer at real estate brokerage Chase International in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, says in a statement.

Hotter deals in winter

RealtyTrac also discovered that in 37 metro areas, the best day to buy falls somewhere within September, October and November; and in another 44 markets, the best day is found in December, January and February.

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