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HSBC Bank rates

Daily AUD exchange rateConvert currencies online in real time with Get Rateˆ. Take advantage of fluctuations as they occur with FX rates moving in real time. It is the modern way to manage your foreign currency and access current rates. This service is available from 8am Monday to 11.59pm Friday (excluding public holidays, currency holidays and US holidays).

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Stay informed with the latest news. Tap into our daily and weekly updates on financial and FX markets.

Get real timeˆ quotes anywhere from Monday 8:00am to Friday 11:59pm AEST (excluding local and U.S. public holidays) whenever you exchange foreign currency in HSBC Internet Banking.

  • ˆReal time FX online rates are only available with Internet Banking and Mobile Internet Banking. Future-dated transactions cannot use the Get Rate feature, standard board rates apply to such transactions on the future date.
  • The foreign exchange market is subject to risks associated with exchange rate movements. These accounts should not be used for speculative purposes.
  • You should confirm the latest exchange rate with HSBC prior to making any decision on currency conversion.

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HSBC Bank interest Rates
HSBC Bank interest Rates

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