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Lowest 30 Year Mortgage Rates today

Across the board, mortgage rates are plummeting. Lenders began slashing their terms Friday, and that trend continues today. According to the NerdWallet Mortgage Rate Index Monday morning, 30-year mortgages have been the beneficiary of the most discounting.

It’s continuing fallout following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union last week. The “Brexit” is rocking global stock markets as investors rush to bonds. As the 10-year Treasury gains favor, its price rises, but the yield falls — and mortgage rates are quickly approaching record lows.

“The fact that the Federal Reserve has referenced the potential exit of the U.K. from the EU as a risk factor affecting the decision on the direction of U.S. monetary policy means the Fed will very likely be on hold for some time as it observes the impact on U.S. and global financial markets and economic activity, ” Doug Duncan, chief economist for Fannie Mae, said. “Low for long. This has been our view and continues to be our view. We expect mortgage rates will more likely fall than rise and will exhibit increased volatility.”

NerdWallet compiles annual percentage rates — lender interest rates plus fees — the most accurate way for consumers to compare rates. Here are today’s average rates for the most popular loan terms:

(Change from 6/24)

30-year fixed: 3.64% APR (-0.09)

15-year fixed: 3.03% APR (-0.04)

5/1 ARM: 3.31% APR (-0.02)

Wells Fargo, Chase and BOA mortgage rates

Three major components of the NerdWallet Mortgage Rate Index are leading lenders Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America. Each is discounting its home loans as a result of the Brexit vote:

NerdWallet daily mortgage rates are an average of the lowest published APR for each loan term offered by a sampling of major national lenders. Annual percentage rate quotes reflect an interest rate plus points, fees and other expenses, providing a more accurate view of the costs a borrower might pay.

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When a mortgage loan originator changes companies how soon is that reflected in the NMLS consumer access website? - Quora

When a loan originator changes from one company to another, the LO completes a specific form and that form is filed with our federal regulator, the good folks that run the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System:

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