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Homeowner Assistance Program

Funds are available.

The Housing Trust’s first-time homebuyer loans vary by income eligibility based on one’s household income and size, maximum loan amount and repayment terms. Since 2001, 40% of all loans have been made to low-income families with the remainder going to moderate-income families.

Only one Housing Trust Loan Program can be utilized per transaction.

Each program has its own program guidelines, please review each program for additional requirements.

Steps to Homeownership

Please review our .

Important Loan Program Requirements

Applicants must complete an 8 hour HUD approved Homebuyer Education class through a designated agency. Visit our Homeownership Calendar to view upcoming HUD approved homebuyer education classes.

Obtaining a pre-approval from a Certified Loan Officer/Mortgage Loan Originator (Lender) is required to determine eligibility. A preapproval letter indicates that the Lender has reviewed your financial situation for obtaining a loan to purchase your home.

Mortgage Loan Originators/Loan Officers are required to attend a Lender Training Workshop and have a Lender Participation Agreement. If you are a lender that would like to attend the lender training, please go to our for our next Lender Workshop.

Program Eligibility Determination Required- Prior to Purchasing a Home

The Housing Trust offers first-time homebuyers the opportunity to find out if they are Program Eligible for our GAP loans.

First-time homebuyers must complete the and submit it along with the required documents prior to purchasing a home. First-time homebuyers are required to have obtained a pre-approval from a lender.

Download our General

Loan Application – Property Selected and Purchase Agreement Signed

A loan application must be completed by the Loan Officer/Mortgage Loan Originator (Lender). The loan application and its documents must be delivered by the lender to the Housing Trust within 7 days.

Download a copy of the

Homebuyer Programs

Max. Loan Amount 20% of the purchase price, up to $57, 500 Interest Rate 3% Term 30 years Monthly Payments No Areas Available Santa Clara County First-Time Buyer Yes 8-Hour Homebuyer Class Required Yes Income Limit Low Eligibility Application is Available

NOTE: For, Gross Income means all anticipated eligible income of a person or household for the 12-month period following the date of determination of income. Income will be determined using California Code of Regulations Title 25 Section 6914.

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