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Government Housing loan Scheme

State Bank of India (SBI) is a government owned banking and financial service organization. The bank is headquartered in Mumbai and is the largest banking institution of India in terms of assets. The bank has a massive presence in the country with over 17, 000 branches spread across the nation’s length and breadth. Not only this, the bank has a huge international presence too with branches in over 34 countries of the world. SBI caters to a large base of individual and corporate clients and has operations in the fields of personal banking, investment banking, corporate banking, asset management and so on.

SBI Home Loans:

State Bank of India provides a range of home loan products to suit the individual needs and preferences of its customers. Various surveys and consumer awards have conferred the title of ‘The most preferred Home Loan Provider’, to SBI. Low interest rates, flexible payment options and zero hidden charges are some of the features that lend to the popularity of SBI home loans.

With thousands of branches spread across various geographical locations has made SBI one of the most accessible banks to obtain a loan from.

New SBI Bank Home Loan Interest Rate:

SBI Home Loan not only offers attractive benefits and terms for its home loan options but the bank also offers low competitive rates on its home loan. As of May 3rd 2016, the interest rate for SBI home loan stands between 9.35% to 9.40%. The above mentioned rates are irrespective of the loan amount.

SBI Home Loan Schemes:

SBI offers a wide range of home loan products to its customers. You can choose the best home loan scheme that suits your budget and requirement. SBI home loans come with exclusive packages and benefits to cater to the home finance needs of all its customers. Following are some of the home loan options available from SBI.

The SBI MaxGain home loan aims to enable its customers to reduce their interest burden at no extra cost. This home loan acts as an overdraft account too, giving the customer privilege to withdraw and deposit amounts depending upon their cash availability. Bank provides internet banking and cheque book facility with this home loan. Excess funds when parked with this account impact the overall principal and the associated interest. Also, a customer can choose to withdraw amount from the linked account in case of excess parked funds.

  • Min. Loan Amount – 5 lacs
  • Max. Loan Amount – No upper limit
  • Interest Rate – 0.25% over and above the existing home loan interest
  • Higher Liquidity, Savings on total interest paid
  • Pre-closure Charges - Nil
  • Interest Rate – Floating 10.15%

This SBI home loan is tailored especially for individuals who are young and generally taking loan for their first home. The age eligibility is between 21-45 years. This loan grants an amount which is 20% over and above the regular loan amount. This home loan is ideal for fresh professionals and government employees. Under this scheme the home loan full repayment starts only after 36 month from the date of availing the loan. For the first 36 months only interest needs to be repaid.

  • Eligibility – 21-45 years
  • Minimum Income – Rs.30, 000 per month

As the name itself suggests, the NRI loan is tailored for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and for People of Indian Origin (PIOs). This loan is given to an individual who earns a regular income and whose minimum employment period (in India or abroad) is not be less than 2 years.


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