HSBC launches Britain s first

HSBC UK mortgage Rates

Our Mortgage Rates

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Provides the security of fixed mortgage repayments until an agreed date, no matter what happens to interest rates.

Tracker Rate Mortgage

The mortgage interest rate is set at a fixed percentage above the Bank of England (BoE) base rate. The interest rate payable will rise and fall in line with changes to the BoE base rate.

Home Insurance Offer

  • Covers the things that matter to you
  • Save 25% when you buy online, in branch and over the phone
  • Offer is for new customers. Minimum premiums apply to home insurance offer*

Protecting your future

Moving home or making changes to it can be exciting, but take a moment to consider if you are protected for the future. Unexpected events happen and can have a significant financial impact on you and your family.

We make protecting yourself quick and easy, so it's one less thing to worry about.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your property.

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How to get the best mortgage rates - Quora

I agree with Michael Cheng. If you have a great credit score, stable, verifiable income, verifiable cash on hand or assets, you are a dream client. By comparison shopping, you will be able to obtain a Loan Estimate from at least three different types of lenders: Talk with the mortgage department of where you currently bank. You already have a banking relationship with them. This is a good place to start. Next, apply with a local, licensed non-bank mortgage lender. Somebody located in the town in which you live.  Last, apply with a local mortgage broker.

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