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HSBC Mortgage Options represented by a man viewing the city from a new home.Before you look for a new home, consider the advantages of getting pre-approved for a mortgage1. Based on your unique financial situation, our mortgage consultants can help you establish a plan to achieve your home ownership goals while staying on budget.

An HSBC Pre-Approval1 offers competitive rates2, a 90-day commitment and gives you additional leverage during seller negotiations. With HSBC you can look for your new home knowing how much home you can afford.

Looking for an affordable mortgage can be a challenging process that requires some guidance. At HSBC, we offer a variety of mortgages designed to meet the different needs of our consumers.

Compare our HSBC mortgages and see which type of mortgage fits your needs.

Before you start to feel overwhelmed by the mortgage application process, HSBC is here to be your guide. We can help you prepare the right documents and provide advice and checklists to keep you organized throughout the process.

  1. Gather relevant information such as:
    • If you are buying a property, please provide purchase location (exact property address not required), price and down payment.
    • If you are refinancing, please provide estimated property value and loan amount you want to borrow
  2. Begin your application in one of the following ways:
  3. Provide supporting documents.

    Your dedicated home mortgage consultant will provide you with a list of specific documents required to process your loan application. The consultant will also provide you with information about estimated closing costs and loan terms. Please review, sign, and return these documents along with any required fees to get the processing complete.

  4. Loan Approval Process

    Once you formally apply for an HSBC Mortgage, we will take the following steps:

    • Application Review: Our mortgage professional will perform a credit check and review and verify all documents that you provided with the application
    • Appraisal: We will order an Appraisal and/or Condo/Co-op Questionnaire, if applicable
    • Disclosures: Application and Mortgage Disclosures will be delivered to you via Express Mail for your review and signature
    • Approval/Commitment: Next, your mortgage application will be underwritten and approved if it meets all requirements
    • Title Ordered: Your attorney will complete a title search to ensure the property you wish to purchase legally belongs to the seller and is free from any violations
    • Schedule for Closing: The processor will contact you to schedule closing. Your attorney will then set up the closing date with all parties who need to attend
    • Closing: At closing you will need a bank check prepared for the remaining down payment and any and all fees associated with the transaction.

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When a mortgage loan originator changes companies how soon is that reflected in the NMLS consumer access website? - Quora

When a loan originator changes from one company to another, the LO completes a specific form and that form is filed with our federal regulator, the good folks that run the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System:

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