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Conti FInancial Services, mortgages overseas, Quick Quote! - Click here for our simple mortgage calculatorThose looking to buy a property in France will be lovers of the good life and are truly spoilt for choice in one of our closest european neighbours. Conti have specialised in providing French mortgages for many years, so if you have your heart set on a property, or just beginning your search, our professional advisors can guide you through the process of arranging your mortgage in France.

Spoilt for choice in France

Simple but sophisticated, proudly traditional yet undeniably contemporary, tranquil and bustling, France is a country of contrasts that has something for everyone. With its breathtaking mountains, sunlit vineyards, miles of sun-baked beaches, beautiful lush countryside, sleepy villages and vibrant cities, it is easy to see why many choose to move here.

The diverse landscape and distinctiveness of its 22 regions (Conti are able to arrange a French mortgage in all 22 regions), characterised by their unique style and customs, combined with an equally varied climate, create an alluring mix. Altogether they make France one of the most popular countries for a home abroad.

French mortgages for property in France

In the far north-west corner, are renowned for their unspoilt stretches of pleasant countryside and wide sandy beaches that entice millions of holidaymakers each year. Across their southern borders, steeped in architectural history is Loire. Home to magnificent chateaux, the is known as ‘The Garden of France’ because of the fertile land along its majestic river.

Another firm favourite with visitors is the Dordogne. An area of outstanding natural beauty and gastronomic centre famous for its foie gras, this is rural France at its best. Forests and gardens, enchanting medieval towns, rivers and caves are just some of its charming attractions.

Many Parisians have second homes in Languedoc-Roussillion, Champagne-Ardennes and Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur. The French Riviera, the alternative name for the Cote D’Azur, with its sun drenched, golden sands and jet set lifestyle of Cannes, Nice and Antibes, defines glitz and glamour. Inland the dazzling scenery and fragrant lavender fields of Provence, that inspired artists such as Van Gogh, capture the intoxicating essence of the South.

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