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Explore Minnesota; Land of 10, 000 Lakes.

Why Minnesota?

Despite the freezing weather and long winters, Minnesota has long been deemed one of the best states in which to purchase real estate. This is especially true for those looking to settle down in a place of their own. There are few states that are better suited to raising a family. After all, Minnesota has consistently ranked at the top of Morgan Quitno's list of "most livable states." Public education in this state is second to none-many of the top school districts in the nation are located in or around the twin cities area. Healthcare is also excellent, perhaps owing to the esteemed Mayo Clinic located in Rochester, Minnesota. Other highlights of living in Minnesota include low crime rates, a variety of career opportunities, and the unparalleled natural beauty of the state’s 10, 000 pristine lakes.

Twin Cities


The Mecca of this northern state is a thriving metropolis known as the "twin cities." These two cities are surely fraternal twins, for despite a few similarities, Minneapolis and St. Paul differ greatly. St. Paul is the quietest of the pair. Visitors come for the historic architecture and sprawling parks, but stay for the serenity. Minneapolis, on the other hand, is flashy and exciting, with a thriving nightlife scene. The twin cities prove the cliché "opposites attract" true. Despite striking differences, the two cities complement each other perfectly.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are continuing to expand, if that is possible. As of 2008, the metro area's population was 2.87 million and growing rapidly. Currently, seven counties fall within the metro area. This number may increase as demand for housing in the sprawling twin cities suburbs continues to grow.


Located in the southern region of Minnesota, the city of Rochester is best known for housing the Mayo Clinic, one of the best medical centers in the world. Given the current economic downturn, it comes as no surprise that Rochester's population is growing so quickly. After all, in addition to the 28, 000 jobs provided by the Mayo Clinic, the city is home to a large and successful IBM facility. Another advantage of moving to Rochester is that it offers the sophistication of the twin cities, minus the traffic.

St. Cloud

Already the largest city in the central region of the state, St. Cloud has experienced explosive growth during the last 5 years. Many people move to St. Cloud with the intention of commuting to the twin cities. Given the growing suburban sprawl, the city is actually closer to the metro area than several of the suburbs located in the seven county twin cities metro area. Additionally, St. Cloud is a quiet haven among the growing bustle of the twin cities. It is mere minutes away from the rural farmland of central Minnesota. However, if the population surge seen in recent years continues, this may no longer be the case.

Real Estate Prices In Minnesota

Real estate prices vary greatly throughout the state of Minnesota. Overall, Minnesota real estate prices tend to be slightly lower than the United States median. Of course, real estate listings of the entire Midwest region of the nation are consistently much lower than the nation's averages. In fact, homes in Minnesota are on average, listed for almost twice the price of those in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

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